Sliding and folding doors

The folding doors stand out for their space-saving properties as well as the possibility to fold together which allows to use the area that would otherwise remain under the door. Such doors are an ideal solution for a shop entrance from the street, and also ensure comfortable and unhindered access to a balcony or terrace. Sliding doors are perfect for enjoying the outdoor scenery directly from your living room. Sliding and folding doors can be custom designed as well as adjusted to any architectural style. One of the most popular solutions we offer, are sliding doors Schüco ASE80HI, which feature high thermal insulation and a special modular fitting system. The most requested among the folding doors is Wicona Wicslide 75FD . One option of especially large steel sliding door is Jansen Janisol lift-and slide , which dimensions reach up to 4270 x 3210 millimeters. Yet the most unique in our portfolio are Schüco ASS 77 PD.SI , which are sliding doors with extremely narrow profiles, that can be moved by means of the door motor and Schüco ASE 67 PD , which have similarly narrow profiles but are moved manually.

More technical information is available at Schüco’s , Wicona’s and Jansen’s homepages.